Advanced Welding Lathe

Programable segments controlable with a precision 100A Powed Supply


  • Programmable Rotary Axis
  • Arc Voltage Control
  • Gap Step Up
  • Auto Torch Retract After Weld
  • Wire Feed Control
  • Precision Welding Power Supply
  • Current Range from .5A to 100A
  • Pulsation
  • Synchronize Pulsation for Current and Wire
  • Rotary .1RPM to 5RPM
  • Encoder Position for Rotary
  • Manual Tilt
  • Motorised X-axis
  • Y-axis (In/Out Controlled by Cylinder)
  • Programming Based on Rotary Encoder Positions
  • Multiple Program Storage
  • PLC Based Control
  • Touchscreen for Programming
  • Manual Controls
  • Overrides


  1. Weld Starts with Initial Weld Parameters
  2. Weld Path is Divided in Segments
  3. Rotary position is in degrees
  4. Each Segment has all Programming Parameters
  5. Wire Feed Control
  6. Program Up to 10 Segments
  7. Final Parameters